Settling into your new home

Arrange furniture


Set up closets

Arrange and hang art

.Advance planning & preparation are the key ingredients to a successful move



 A smooth move is all about advance planning and preparation.

As move coordinators, we assist you from the time the decision is made to move through the settling into your new home.

Our role is to reduce the stress of your move by providing hands-on assistance and managing the details

Create floor plan for new residence

Identify and sort all items to be:

Moved to your new home

Given to children (for out of town children or family

we take photos and send then an album to select

the items they want to keep)

Sold or auctioned


Packing and moving

You may chose to have our team pack the kitchen, china, crystal, silver, personal treasures, bathrooms and closets.

Together we set up the kitchen, closets and bathroom prior to the big move

Oversee the final move of household goods

Send out change of address cards to family, friends, doctors, etc

Cancel utilities, transfer cable and internet services

Selecting a real estate agent 

Assist with interviewing and selecting a real estate agent to sell your house

Remain actively involved with the agent from the time the home is listed through negotiating the offer and closing the sale

Prepare the house for sale

Decluttering closets, cabinets, and rooms

Next we sort, pack, move and store items

Stage home for maximum appeal to prospective buyers

Stage Three:

Provide support and advocacy every step of the way

Selecting a company to manage the sale and removal of house contents

Schedule meetings with appraiser/auctioneer and/or house clean-out services to review respective services

Consult and select the company which meets your time schedule and needs

Stage Two:

As your move coordinators, we provide services for all the stages of a move. 

Our first Meeting:

Discuss your plans, needs and schedule

Review our menu of services

Create a written plan

Finalizing the move

Coordinate and supervise "clean out" of the house

Moving household goods

Interview moving companies

Review quotes and select company

Schedule move date