Dear Susan,

     Now that I'm settled in Jerusalem, I want to thank you for making my move possible.  After 30 years living in the same house and accumulating so much, I was overwhelmed with the task of sorting through it all.  It seemed impossible to go through everything, in an orderly manner, and to decide what to discard, what to give away, what to take with me.  If not entirely impossible, it would have taken me months or years to do it by myself.

     I am so glad that friends of mine referred me to you.  You were so organized, and also so very understanding on a human level.  This isn't just a business for you.  You are so very kind.  You even helped me to leave on a note of doing kindness for an old friend in need.  You were both kind and creative in arranging for that.

     I only wish that you could come visit Jerusalem now, and help me organize myself better, over here.

                       Best wishes for your continued good work,
                              and blessings from Jerusalem,


Dear Susan,

Thank you very much for all you did to make closing my former home and moving and settling into my new, smaller apartment here at Duncaster a great success.

The way you first measured and cut patterns for the pieces of furniture and laid them out on a measured floor plan so that I could decide which pieces of furniture would fit and that I could take with me, enabled me to decide which pieces were to be given away to my family and friends. This enabled me to start early in the process and get them moved in advance of the closing.

Then packing all the art work and the contents of drawers, cabinets and closets, providing special containers for the art work and clothes was very effective. And of course that enabled you to place the items in the drawers and, cabinets and closets of my new apartment.

On location, placing the furniture one day, and waiting for another day to unpack all the cartons of dishes, equipment and precious articles, was very helpful. Hanging art work later was a great idea and accomplishment.

Through all these hours together, your pleasant personality was certainly encouraging. And you associates were also very helpful.

Thank you very much,




We’re not sure what it would have been like not to have Susan Rabinovitch honcho our move to Duncaster, but we are sure we don’t want to find out. She did it! She got us here, still healthy and sane. 

From the grand strategy to the smallest details, she was always on top of everything, while still keeping us informed and getting our okay for those elements that needed our approval.

Plus she is very pleasant to work with.  That means a lot in a stressful situation like changing your lifestyle radically. 

We depended on her fully, and she always came through for us. What a wonderful person to work with.

 Ron and Nancy Compton

Moving from my house to an apartment in a senior community seemed overwhelming: - what to take, how to dispose of the rest, what changes to make to my house to expedite its sale, changes and additions to make to the new apartment prior to occupancy, how to handle the move etc. 

Out of desperation I hired Susan, a recommended move in coordinator.  Thank heaven that I did. 

Order replaced chaos.  

Susan defined all these tasks, scheduled them, helped me to hire appropriate vendors and assured that the schedules were met.  Throughout she also provided hands on help, such as sorting out objects, including furniture to take and to dispose, packing items and unpacking them in my new home.   The move was quick and smooth.  Furniture was appropriately placed, pictures were hung and kitchen articles, clothing and other items were located where I intuitively expected them to be. 

I benefitted from Susan's extensive real estate and moving experience, her understanding my desires and needs and her ability  get the job done  while throughout maintaining amicable and cheerful cooperation.


​​Susan’s help with our move was absolutely invaluable.  She helped with the archaeological dig required to clean out our basement – I stood three inches taller and twenty lbs. lighter after that burden was lifted!  And since our move took place while we were away, she packed up, moved, and set up our new kosher kitchen in our absence.  It was wonderful to walk into our new home to find the kitchen “ready to go”.

Her knowledge, sensitivity, cool calm demeanor, and sheer hard work are just what we needed.  My husband and I recommend her without reservation.       –Barbara Klau

Susan has been a godsend for my father-in-law who recently moved from his home in West Hartford to Duncaster, an assisted living facility in Bloomfield. After 50 years in his home, my father-in-law was understandably reluctant about leaving the home he loved, but Susan's calm, empathetic and caring approach made all the difference and soon my father-in-law was not only comfortable with the move, but looking forward to it. 

She helped him every step of the way from selecting just the right furniture to take to his new Duncaster apartment to ensuring that his mail would be delivered correctly along with taking care of dozens of other details only a pro like Susan would put on their moving "to do" list.

The professionalism and attention to detail that Susan brings to her work is without equal and I cannot recommend her enough. The benefit for our out of town family is that we know my wife's father and my children's beloved grandfather have a reliable, trusted advocate who is available when my father-in-law needs her. In fact, in the time that we've known Susan she has become our missing family link back home and on more than one occasion she's been a true lifeline and even needed friend for my very grateful father-in-law. Mark Morrow Alexandria, VA

I am pleased to give my highest recommendation to Susan Rabinovitch. As a daughter-in-law with elder care expertise, I can affirm that there is nothing more nerve-wracking then trying to balance work, family and life, when an elder family member needs help. The worst part of it is the overwhelming thought of closing out a home and moving the elder.

Imagine living in a home for more than 50 years and having to decide what to keep, what to donate and what to give to family members, and what to toss. I cannot even imagine what we would have done without Susan - who handled it all, with trust and kindness, and incredible competence.

Susan is capable of organization and coordination, but she also knows the emotional toll this took on my mother in law (an 80 year old architect with worsening frailty, moving closer to us in CT from a 3-story house in Boston proper). Not only was Mom choosing to move (totally her choice - and yet still horribly emotional), but she needed to get the house ready for sale. Susan did it all, including coordinating the move and staying overnight to help with larger portions of the project.

Completely trustworthy, professional and yet sensitive like a daughter, Susan Rabinovitch then helped my mother in law get settled into her new apartment and ready for a new life. I didn't even have to make the bed (I was totally blown away by that!). All I had to do was help encourage and be the daughter in law to help her adjust to new MD appointments, etc. Susan had helpers set up the kitchen before the move, set up computer desks so Mom was never without email and solitaire, and even helped stock the pantry in an organized fashion.

Susan made what is the most overwhelming part of aging EASY. Today, Mom reports she has more friends in her new community than she has had in her entire adult life (true), and has better care, gained the weight her doctor wanted her to, and loves her new home. The value of Susan's service is indescribable and the trust I have in her is unparalleled.  I enthusiastically endorse her service.

Pamela Atwood, Gerontologist, Care Consultant, Certified Dementia Practitioner, Author and Professional speaker

 A few months ago I moved to a small cottage in a retirement community after many years in a comfortable West Hartford house. This is a challenging job for a recent widow and I can honestly say I never could have done it without the remarkable services of Susan Rabinovitch. An experienced professional heading the family based Home to Home Moving Specialists. Susan became my supportive, unflappable, tireless partner –advisor – manager. A friend who shopped on foot and on line for the necessary new things and disposed of the unnecessary. Boxes were efficiently packed, marked and unpacked. “extras” put in storage places, pictures hung and refrigerator stocked. Plus Susan saw to separate loads shipped to my out-of own sons. This is a very efficient business operation – everything accounted for with regular updating, and billing and complete records on file. I confidently recommend the Home to Home Move Specialists – it is a life-saver. Sincerely, Sally Given
You took a great deal of anxiety out of what we thought would be an overwhelming undertaking.  You had a vision of how we should improve my father's house for the market, how we should move his possessions to his retirement community, and how his new apartment and his possessions could be attractively organized once he got there.  And you achieved that vision.  You were efficient, hands-on, detail-oriented, versatile and reassuring -- everything that we needed!

Mark B

Susan's help and organizational ability made my move very easy. 
She even moved and setup my kitchen and closet while I was on vacation. No job was too big or too small for her and her even temperament made her a delight.

I can certainly recommend using her services.

Mary Sargent

I was introduced to Susan and her team at a time of great transition and upheaval in my mother’s life. Personable and professional, she assisted us with resources and support which made the entire process manageable.  I don’t think we could have done it without her and the team! After mom moved to Duncaster there continued to be a myriad of details to take care of. Mom trusted Susan and, as I live out of town, the team became almost extended family. They continued to assist me with getting the house ready to put on the market.  Auctioning collectibles, cleaning, finding a realtor – all were tasks made much easier by her knowledge, diplomacy, and trustworthiness. I highly recommend her services and would be happy to answer any questions or discuss our experience more specifically.

Meg Howard, Vermont.

Susan expertly facilitated the downsizing, staging and sale of my father’s house.  She also designed and tastefully decorated his new home.  Because of her professional and personal manner and services, my father’s move was much less stressful and challenging.


I can’t imagine how I could have made the move from my 10 room house to my apartment at Duncaster without guidance and “hands on” help  of Susan Rabinovitch.. 

From the time we met, before the house went on the market, to moving day she worked at my side to make the move possible, and even easy.  She had valuable advice and contacts,  and amazing energy and organizational skills. She had prepared the move so well, I was unpacked and ready to get on with my life the day after the move. 

I highly recommend Susan and her team to anyone facing a big move.



March 2016

To whom it may concern,

Last fall I moved from a house in Boston where I had lived for 52 years to an apartment in a retirement community in Connecticut.  To downsize and declutter was an ominous task, especially since I have always had trouble throwing things out.  Fortunately, Susan Rabinovitch, from Home to Home Moving Specialist, was recommended to me and she agreed to help.

Clearly, I had to throw out, or donate, a lot of stuff! Susan came to Boston several times to assist me with this effort, sorting through all my belongings with me and helping me decide what possessions would be essential for my new life.  Concurrently, with the help of her assistant, they packed things I would keep and identified where each box would go.  In addition she scheduled the moving company as well as the company that would clean up and get rid of everything that was left.  Through all of this we had a lot of fun.

Susan’s work did not stop there. She and her team set up my new home, adjusting the shelving to heights I could reach, and unpacking the multiple boxes. I really do not know how I could have managed without her. There is no doubt that I would recommend her to anyone planning a move.

Dorothy Atwood

Dear Susan,

 Jo and I can’t thank you enough for all your help over  the last several  years in relocating us from our West Hartford home to Duncaster.

You came highly recommended and it didn’t take us long to appreciate why.  The task of downsizing after accumulating all kinds of stuff for 55 years was at first daunting. However it soon became clear that your expertise of downsizing and relocation relieved us of all the pressure associated with our move.

Aside from taking care of the logistics of de-cluttering, packing, and moving, your help in recommending, selecting and working with our real estate agents to prepare our house for sale was beyond our expectations.  The end result being we sold our house the day after it was put on the market.  That was the good news.  The bad news was we had to get out of our house well before the new apartment at Duncaster would be available. No problem. Under a very tight time schedule you completed the to a temporary apartment without a hitch.

 Working with you and your team, Erica, Ed, Nelson and the many other service providers you engaged has been a joy. Everyone was there when scheduled and were very accommodating and professional in the services they provided.

Thanks again for all your help. It’s been a joy working with you.

Skip and Jo Sly

In 2010 when I was an 88 year old widower with a house full of 50 years of treasures and trash, I was terrified with the thought of trying to move to the retirement community I selected.

Then an angel came into my life by the name of Susan Rabinovitch. She downsized, organized, packed, shipped, and punched every correct button and rang all the right bells.

My house was sold within 2 days by the agent Susan recommended. Together we allotted articles to be moved to my new home, given to children, sold, donated and thrown away.

Susan created floor plans and everything fit perfectly. My kitchen, baths were moved and completely set up before the furniture was moved. My new home was unpacked and ready for entertaining within 3 days of the move. 

Today, I am happily living in my home at Duncaster. Susan not only moved me (and her many other clients) she continues to shepherd us when we need help.

William H. Tripp  MD